A Baby District 9214 Is Born

Fellow Rotarians of District 9214,
Yes, a healthy, beautiful baby District 9214 has just been born, thanks to the guidance and unfailing support from the senior Rotarians (PDGs), clubs, the District teams, past and new, Rotaractors, and Rotarians young and old.
In August, Rotaract and Rotary District Teams will start to meet together to assure our signals to members are consistent;  Club Monitoring and Evaluation officers will track progress made on benchmarks; positions in District committees have been opened to volunteers to spread the experience and to discover hidden talents; Global Grant process will be lightened by (1) improving the quality of projects prepared with the help from experienced Rotarians, right from the design stage, and (2) the number of Country Grants Officers have been increased from one to three in each country to forestall congestion in the approval process.  Teamwork and sharing of ideas will be encouraged at all levels. 
Why team work?  It assures continuity.  When the lead person is away, the project work doesn’t stop there.  There will always be someone who can step up and fill the void. 
It lightens the burden and prevents burnout.  Working together makes even the toughest task fun.  Friendship and bonding develop.  When tasks are completed, the team celebrates together, energizing its members and making them eager for more.  They are keen to serve more to change more lives.  
With these new initiatives, we hope to improve District’s support to clubs.  If you have good ideas how we can do better to improve our support, please reach out to us.  We would love to hear from you.  In the next day or two, all Rotarians of District 9214 should be receiving the District Team list with contact information for all officers, putting everyone within your reach.

I look forward to a very productive and rewarding year together with you as we serve to change lives.  Tupo Pamoja.
Yours in Rotary,
Young Kimaro
District Governor 9214